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Employer European Commission
Job Title Seconded National Experts, Dg Competition


DG Competition

Our unit is tasked with the assessment of mergers in the key economy sectors of financial services, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Financial services are at the core of all economic activities and thus ensuring their competitive structure contributes to economic growth and stability. Competition in pharmaceutical industry is also crucial to ensure access to medical treatments to the European citizens at competitive prices. Chemicals are indispensable inputs into innumerable products and thus competitive structures in these markets have impact on prices of many daily goods. Mindful of the importance of these industry sectors, D6 is committed to keeping the markets competitive for the benefit of all European consumers and beyond. The unit is also part of DG COMP's Merger Network, whose mission is to enforce merger control rules in all industry sectors in the EU.

We offer a position of a case handler in a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. The core of a case-handler's work consists in working in teams to assess post-merger market structures on the basis of various streams of information and evidence collected from the parties to the transaction, market participants and various public sources. To this end, case handlers carry out a legal and economic analysis in a forward looking manner to establish whether a transaction may significantly impede effective competition in the relevant markets. Case handlers are responsible for investigating the proposed mergers, conducting negotiations with companies, drafting internal notes and Commission decisions. The work includes market investigations on the basis of questionnaires, interviews with market participants, site visits and discussions with the parties to the concentration. The work may also involve participation in various working groups on policy issues and legislation, drafting of briefings for the management, Director-General and the Commissioner's Cabinet, and assisting the Legal Service in the handling of litigation in merger cases before the Courts of the European Union.

The unit covers a wide range of industries, resulting in a steep learning curve and ability to explore different theories of harm. Merger units are organised in a network, giving to case-handlers the opportunity to work on mergers in various industries, even outside the ambit of the unit. While the work is challenging due to strict legal deadlines, it is varied, rewarding and has a real impact on the economy and the daily life of consumers. Team members are young and dynamic which contributes to a vibrant working atmosphere. We encourage open discussion and creativity as cases often raise novel legal and economic issues. The hierarchical structure in merger network is very lean; case teams led by a case manager directly report to the responsible Director and Deputy Director General for mergers.

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