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Employer European Commission
Job Title Seconded National Experts Dg Climate Action


DG Climate Action

Unit "Governance & Effort Sharing" is responsible for two key legislative files, as mentioned in the unit's name, and is also in charge of ensuring correct monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, including for the EU Emissions trading system (ETS). The unit is also responsible for MRV issues within the international climate negotiations.

The Effort Sharing Decision determines how much each EU Member State must reduce emissions year by year until 2020. A new legislative proposal to follow-up on the existing legislation was adopted by the Commission in July 2016, and will determine the emissions reductions per Member State until 2030. This is a key piece of climate law, of very high political and economic importance.

The Energy Union Governance Regulation, which was developed jointly with DG Energy, will ensure that Member States plan and report in an integrated manner on how they comply with the Energy Union objectives, and in particular the 2030 climate and energy targets. The Commission is required to monitor closely these developments.

The MRV work is vital to enable EU's compliance with its international commitments, and is also crucial for the public trust in the climate policies. Further development of MRV rules within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is also a priority.

The unit comprises ca 12 colleagues of different professional background, out of which two are lawyers. The contract of one of them is coming to an end, and therefore we propose an interesting job for a dynamic lawyer with a good knowledge in climate policies.

The tasks of the future colleague will consist of providing legal advice in all the areas that the unit covers, and in particular in the fields of Energy Union Governance as well as on various MRV issues. These legal responsibilities might however change depending on the evolution of the files of the unit. The colleague will also be in charge of her/his own specific files, and will in this context prepare proposals, reports, briefings, etc. The tasks may also require participation in the international work linked to the UNFCCC.

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