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Employer European Union
Job Title Seconded National Expert, Training Manager (Military)

Job title:
Training Manager (military)

European Security and Defence College (ESDC)

• Lead in the development of a Sectoral Qualification Framework for the military
profession, in particular for officers advanced careers;
• Lead on the development of the curriculum and the organisation of an Advanced
Modular Training (AMT) Course for military and civilian personnel working in the EU
crisis management structures, missions and operations as requested by the CEUMC
and in close cooperation with the EUMS and EUMTG;
• Lead on ESDC's contribution to EU-NATO cooperation in the field of Education,
Training and Exercises and in particular also in support of DEEP projects;
• Evaluate stakeholder requirements in order to ensure a needs-driven course offer
• Assist in military aspects of training, in particular the "European Initiative for the
Exchange of Young Officers inspired by Erasmus" (also known as "Military Erasmus")
and the work of the Implementation Group;
• Assist in the contribution of the ESDC to the EU Military Training Group;

• Draft and manage the training programme and conceptual documents;
• Develop, keep up-to-date and fine tune programme in close co-operation with
national, international and EU training providers;
• Provide ESDC input to the EU training programme;
• Create and up-date ESDC work plan;
• Contribute to the planning of ESDC activities to ensure maximum de-confliction;
• Support the management of the Schoolmaster/Goalkeeper platform.

Analysis and Evaluation
• Analyse input from Member States to identify the shared Knowledge, Skills and
Competences at the different steps of the military officer's career;
• Evaluate the requirement for an Advanced Modular Training for military and civilian
personnel in order to develop a curriculum replying to the needs of the course
participants and of the different stakeholders;
• Contribute to the Lessons Identified Process of the ESDC drawing on the expertise of
the relevant services in the EU institutions and agencies;
• Evaluate the relevant training activities and ensure that lessons identified are
reflected in next courses;
Ref. Ares(2017)3284000 - 30/06/2017
• Analyse the various EU and national level training activities in the field of CFSP/CSDP
• Support to the development of Standardised Curricula;
• Provide ESDC input to the relevant reports (e.g. GAREA and CART).

Project Management
• Facilitate the conduct of ESDC training activities in general and of specific training
activities in support of CSDP operations and capacity building;
• Facilitate specific training activities in support of EU partnerships in the field of
• Develop a project plan, manage the project stakeholders, project team, project risk,
schedule and related budget;
• Contribute to the Internet performance and PR activities of the ESDC;
• Support to the ENLIST and Schoolmaster/Goalkeeper applications;
• Assist in further developing the ILIAS platform of the ESDC;
• Develop training material for ESDC courses.

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Location Brussels
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